A Guide to Better Digestive Health Using Aloe vera

March 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

A Guide to Better Digestive Health Using Aloe vera

You’ve probably heard of aloe vera plant before. Chances are you’ve rubbed its famous gel on your skin to soothe your stinging sunburns after a trip to the beach. But if you think that aloe vera is only good for that, then think again. Ingesting the same gel you use to heal your sunburn can actually have a major impact on your digestive health. To give you a better understanding of how aloe vera can do wonders on your digestive health, we’ve listed down some of its digestive health benefits, as well as the digestive problems the plant can treat.

Digestive Health Benefits of Aloe vera

  • 1. Cleanses the Digestive Tract

    Singapore health experts has long recognized aloe vera’s healing properties due to the large variety of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids it contain. This same healing properties is what allows aloe supplements to cleanse the digestive tract of food residues that may clog the digestive system. Clogging of these food wastes pose harm to the body and may even result to constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

  • 2. Detoxifies the Digestive System

    Apart from cleansing the digestive tract, aloe vera also helps in detoxifying the colon and digestive system of toxins, allowing it to efficiently break down the nutrients in food. Aloe vera also works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent that prevents the body from acquiring harmful diseases. The enzymes found in aloe vera gel Singapore help in improving the body’s circulatory system by dilating blood vessels and stimulating blood cells production to fight infections in the body.

    Woman making heart shape around belly button

    Woman making heart shape around belly button

  • 3. Acts as a Natural Laxative

    Medical professionals report that aloe vera is rich in natural laxative properties that can reduce constipation symptoms. Health experts also found that taking aloe vera gel Singapore stimulates bile production in the gall bladder, helping in breaking down fats in the body that can build-up and cause constipation.
    Acts as a Natural Laxative

  • 4. Enhances Liver Function

    Researchers report that aloe vera gel’s high collagen protein content makes the body work harder to absorb the protein it contains. The enzymes in the aloe gel also helps stimulate the metabolic rate in the liver causing the body to burn more energy while breaking down food. A study conducted by health experts also found that aloe gel offers antioxidant effects similar with pharmaceutical drugs in helping the liver maintain blood sugar levels and prevent adult-onset diabetes.
    Enhances Liver Function

  • 5. Heals a Leaky Gut

    Another amazing digestive health benefit offered by aloe vera gel is that it aids in healing the lining of a damaged intestinal tract, and in preventing the leaky gut syndrome. Healing a damaged intestinal tract is crucial because when the gut lining is damaged, toxins might enter the bloodstream causing a system-wide inflammation and initiating an immune response in the body.
    Heals a Leaky Gut

  • 6. Promotes Regular Bowel Movement

    Again, aloe vera is loaded with enzymes that aid in breaking down food, and the plant’s soothing effects also contribute in easily moving that food through the intestines thereby encouraging regular bowel movements.
    Promotes Regular Bowel Movement

Digestive Health Problems Treated by Aloe vera

  • 1. Intestinal Upsets

    One of the best uses of aloe vera is for treating intestinal upsets. Singapore health experts has done research on the plant’s intestinal tract benefits and found that the plant is rich in enzymes that increases protein absorption or digestion and water volume in stools, making it an important factor in dealing with irritable bowel symptoms.
    Intestinal Upsets

  • 2. Abdominal Pain

    Although aloe vera aids in relieving stomach pain, it’s still important to see your doctor and have the abdominal pain you’re feeling evaluated. A lot of relatively minor health problems can cause abdominal pain, but so can potentially fatal conditions like appendicitis. So even if taking aloe gel helps in easing abdominal pain, always have your condition checked by a medical professional first.

    Woman with painful abdomen

    Woman with painful abdomen

  • 3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers often find their lifestyles – and their life in general – dictated by their illness – but that shouldn’t be the case. With aloe vera supplements as your natural treatment, you’ll soon be free from the pesky symptoms of IBS herbal slimming tablets.
    By cleansing and repairing your digestive tract lining, aloe supplements restore the natural function of your absorptive and digestive processes. Through this, the miracle plant allows you to get all the proper nutrition from the foods you eat without the toxins getting into your bloodstream. Aloe vera supplements has definitely given many IBS sufferers a dramatic relief.
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • 4. Stomach Bloating

    Aloe juice is considered as one of the most natural remedies for stomach bloating because of the way that it makes digestion more comfortable and gentler. With its laxative properties, the miracle plant is able to reduce painful stomach bloating symptoms and even gas.
    Stomach Bloating

  • 5. Acid Reflux Disease

    Another gastrointestinal area where aloe vera’s health benefits are well-known is for the symptom relief of acid reflux disease. The miracle plant is known as a common remedy for reducing stinging sensations related with skin burns, so it’s possible that it also offers the same health benefits when used for relieving the burning sensation brought by acid reflux. However, Singapore health experts recommend to first consider the side effects of drinking aloe juice before incorporating it into acid reflux diet.
    Acid Reflux Disease

If you’re thinking of taking aloe vera gel, capsule or juice to ease your digestive troubles, do consider speaking with your healthcare provider beforehand. Although the plant is rich in potentially healthful benefits, there are also downsides worth considering, and getting the opinion of a physician is one of the best ways to ensure safety as you take advantage of nature’s healing powers.